One and Done For Seniors


My child listed on this registration page has my permission to leave Alamo Heights High School to attend the field trip/activity: Senior Class Trip to Six Flags/Fiesta Texas. I understand that if my child chooses not to attend the Senior Class Trip that they are expected to attend school.

I agree to release Alamo Heights High School/Alamo Heights Independent School District and the teachers or sponsors, Sharla Blakely and Marco Bonugli, from all legal responsibility for liability of the above student while on this field trip or activity. If my child acts in any unbecoming manner, you have my permission to notify me and send him/her home at my expense.
In case of an accident or sudden illness to my child, I DO or DO NOT authorize a representative of the school or an adult trip sponsor to refer my child to a physician/hospital of their choice for treatment as deemed necessary by medical personnel.
Pursuant to the Texas Uniform Electronic Transmissions Act, an electronic signature has the same legal effect as a manual or handwritten signature. An electronic signature will not be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because it is electronic, and any requirement for a signature is satisfied by an electronic signature. By submitting your initials, the individual identified and providing the initials herein verifies acknowledgement of the binding legal effect and enforceability of the electronic signature. By clicking the box beside "I agree", you agree that your initials are valid as your signature. You hereby swear that you are the parent or legal guardian of the student and that the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
First and Last Names

Your PTSO donation sponsors Project Graduation, Senior Awards Ceremony, and the Senior Family Luncheon.  It takes a village to make these events come together and we need your support.  A donation at this level covers one student at Project Graduation, the Senior Class Trip to Fiesta Texas and helps to sponsor the Senior Family Luncheon on the lawn immediately following the Senior Awards Ceremony.  We need your support.   Email Terry Veeder if you have questions. 

Sponsor packets for reserved seating and parking at graduation will be announced later.