About the Alamo Heights High School PTSO

Our Mission

The AHHS PTSO is formed for the purpose of bringing the home and school into close relationship in order that the parents, teachers and students may cooperate intelligently in the education and welfare of the students. The AHHS PTSO raises money through dues and activities for expenditures to benefit Alamo Heights High School, its students and faculty through both curriculum enrichment and gifts to the school.  All Executive Board and Committee Chairs are volunteers for the organization.

The general email address for the Alamo Heights PTSO is alamoheightsptso@gmail.com.

PTSO Executive Board

President:   Denise DeGeare 

Description: Presides at all the meetings of the PTSO, the PTSO Board and the Presidents Council. Appoints with approval of the Board, the parliamentarian, standing committee chairs and special committees. Serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

President-Elect:   Susanne Marco 

Description:  Supports the President and Board in all activities.

Past President/Parliamentarian:  Dorothy Basso 

VP Communications:  Jill S. Martinez 

Description:  Oversees all forms of communication of the PTSO, including social media, e-newsletter, website, ecommerce, Prep Day, School Board liaison, Site-Based liaison, parent-teacher communications and nominating for the next year's PTSO Board.

VP Support Projects:  Laura Humphries 

Description: Support Projects include Back to School Night, Hospitality, Fall and Spring Faculty Luncheon, and Sponsor a Student.

VP Student Events:  Sue Musgrove

Description: Student Events include College Day, Freshman Breakfast, Homecoming Dance, Prom, Senior Awards Assembly, Senior Calendar, Senior Memories Luncheon and Project Graduation.

VP Fundraising:  Monica Valdez 

Description: Fundraising includes Concessions, District Directory, HEB Card Sales and Prep Day.

VP Project Development:  Terry Veeder 

Treasurer:  Tammy Andrews 

Description: Prepares annual budget, receives all monies of the organization, keeps an accurate record of the receipts and expenditures and pays out local funds only as authorized by the Board.

Secretary:  Martha O'Neill 

Description: Maintains accurate record of all meetings of PTSO and of the Board. Notify Principal, Board Members and PTSO members of meeting dates and other announcements.


PTSO Committee Chairs

Chair: Deanna Rickabaugh
Description: Reviews funding requests submitted in the fall and spring by faculty.

Angel Program 
Chair: Chrissy Fitch

Back to School Faculty Appreciation Luncheon 
Chair: Jen Human
Description: Facilitate luncheon honoring all Faculty and Staff during back to school preparations. 

Back to School Night 
Chair: Anne Mosqueda
Description: Puts together with AHHS Administration, Back to School Night activities, coordinates the evening with teachers and club sponsors, sends out information to parents regarding the evening's schedules and insures participation of the Spurs, to make sure the evening goes smoothly.

Coffee with Counselors 
Chair: Heather Miller

College Center Liaison 
Chair: Laura Raymond

College Fair Hospitality 
Chair: Sabrina Rios & Luci Gartrell
Description: Assists with hospitality while college representatives are on campus for the event.

District Directory 
Chair: Martha O'Neill                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Description: Oversees data collection, advertising sales, and publication of the directory as well as the sale and distribution.

Faculty Snacks 
Chair: Luci Gartrell

Freshman Breakfast 
Chair: Carrie Worthen & Laura Hobbs

HEB Card Sales 
Chair: Mary Ran & Jennifer Woodland 
Description: Coordinates the sale and distribution of HEB cards. PTSO earns 5% from every card purchased!! Cards can be delivered to your door or direct purchases can be made at PTSO meetings. Standing monthly orders are available and encouraged. Please contact either Chair for details!

Holiday Faculty Appreciation Luncheon 
Chair: Paige Guerra
Description: Facilitates luncheon honoring all faculty and staff.

Homecoming Dance 
Chair: Julie Dudley & Kirsti Davis
Description: Working with the Homecoming Committee and student representatives, oversees invitations, Mule Tube promos, ticket sales, venue liason, decorations, refreshments, DJ, set up, clean up, and chaperones.

Lunch Sponsors 

Chair: Theresa Nunns & Laura Humphries

Mule Tales E-Newsletter 
Chair: Deanna Rickabaugh

Chair:  Dorothy Basso
Description: Vets PTSO membership for potential board members and offers a slate for the upcoming school year.

Parent Teacher Communications Committee 
Chair: Shelley White
Description: Coordinates quarterly meetings with teachers and parent representatives to discuss school related issues/concerns.

Prep Day 
Chair: Kori Williams 
Description: Creates and sends forms/packets to each student, manages Prep Day Online webpage, and organizes logistics for the event.

Project Graduation 
Chair: Jan Briley & Brooke Bell
Description: Coordinates details for Project Graduation with Sponsorship/Funding, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Transportation Chairs.

Chair: Debi Flume
Description: Working with the Prom Committee and Student Representatives, oversees invitations, Mule Tube promos, ticket sales, venue liason, decorations, refreshments, DJ, set up, clean up and chaperones.

Required Reading 
Chair: Mary Henderson

Chair:  Mike Villa
Description: Reviews and awards PTSO scholarship requests.

School Board Liaison
Chair: Shelley White & Tracie Hervey
Description: A liaison between the School Board and PTSO parents regarding legislation issues which may impact AHISD. Keeps parents informed of events in case parents need to be rallied to contact state legislators regarding different educational/financial issues affecting our school district.

Senior Awards Assemly 
Chair: Dana Hawkes

Senior Memories Luncheon 
Chair:  Amy Goforth

Site-Based Liaison
Chair:  Shelley White

Spring Faculty Appreciation Luncheon 
Chair: Tracy Winter & Francie Calgaard
Description: Facilitates luncheon honoring all faculty and staff.

Website & Ecommerce 
Chair: Jill S. MartinezLinda Hampton
Description:  Updates/maintains the PTSO website. Creates/refines items for the ecommerce site.  Works with "vendors" - those who have items listed on the ecommerce site.  Runs reports, creates spreadsheets for the Treasurer and vendors.  


Volunteer Information